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Successful Alpha Launch of the FortiCore

Nanovis announces a Successful Alpha Launch of the FortiCore® PLIF and the 2,000th FortiCore® Interbody Implantation.

Nanovis’ Deeply Porous Spinal Implants Show Favorable Clinical Adoption.

Carmel and Columbia City, Ind. (February 16, 2017) – Nanovis, a life sciences company committed to developing implant systems that reduce fixation related complications and infections, today announced the successful alpha launch of its FortiCore® PLIF featuring a deeply porous titanium scaffold interdigitated with a PEEK core, and implantation of the 2,000th FortiCore® implant.

“My patient’s short term response to the FortiCore® PLIF has been positive. I implanted the interbody using a minimally invasive technique with no problems. The shape of the implant is favorable for multiple approach options. I’m encouraged by the deep porosity of the titanium scaffold in contact with the vertebral endplate and the pre-clinical data on this technology,” said Dr. Richard B. Rodgers, Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine, a participant in the alpha launch of the FortiCore® PLIF.

With over 2,000 FortiCore® implants now used in surgery, long term clinical experience with FortiCore’s® deeply porous technologies has been positive. “In the 18 months since I started using FortiCore® my patients have been doing well. Initially, I was interested in trying to improve my patient’s outcomes by using a deeply porous titanium scaffold. I’ve been pleased with the excellent radiologic on growth seen on X-ray at 8-12 weeks and the ease of imaging bone through the PEEK core,” said Dr. Gregory Hoffman, Orthopedics North East, an early adopter of the FortiCore® technology.

FortiCore® TLIF and PLIF implants were designed with deeply porous titanium scaffolds to contact the endplate and a radiolucent, favorable-modulus PEEK core injection molded into the bottom of the scaffold creating a durable construct. The FortiCore® TLIF and PLIF systems are available with MIS or open instrumentation.

“Data comparing the osseointegration strength of the FortiCore® scaffold, PEEK and allograft, to the strength of trabecular host bone published in Spine in October, 2016 was encouraging. One of Nanovis’ long term clinical and scientific goals is to reduce fixation related complications so we are delighted to hear positive reports from our customers about their experiences with FortiCore®,” said Matt Hedrick, CEO, Nanovis.

Nanovis is actively recruiting for both employee Area Business Director positions and independent distributor partners and offers an independent distributor referral reward program. For information or a reprint of the Spine article mentioned, please contact Jeff Shepherd, Vice President of Sales, Nanovis at 1-877-907-NANO.



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