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Research Grant to Nanovis Spine

National Institutes of Health Awards Research Grant to Nanovis Spine to Further Explore Benefits of Nanotube Enhanced FortiCore® Spinal Implant Technology

Combination of a deeply porous titanium scaffold with a PEEK center and advanced nanotechnology may reduce healing and fixation times

Carmel, Ind. (September 22, 2015) Nanovis Spine today announced the award of a significant research grant from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The grant will fund advanced research evaluating the potential of Nanovis’ FortiCore® implant technology combined with the Company’s developmental nanotube surface technology to
accelerate the speed and strength of spinal segment stabilization following spinal fusion procedures.

FortiCore®’s deeply porous titanium scaffold is a highly differentiated implant.PEEK Optima® by Invibio is injection molded into the scaffold for exceptional integration, while the PEEK center provides the imaging and mechanical properties preferred by surgeons. Nanovis’ nanotube technology forms durable, nanoscale surface features that have demonstrated the ability to improve bone attachment by generating the body’s natural ability to guide healing and cellular responses.

“In today’s healthcare environment, spinal surgeons are always searching for technologies that can help improve the lives of our patients. With an aging patient population increasingly in need of spinal surgery, advanced technologies that can reduce the time it takes to stabilize spinal segments or enable faster recovery times are in high-demand,” said Jean-Jacques Abitbol, M.D., Past-President NASS, Founder California Spine Group, and Co-Investigator on the grant. “Our prior work using Nanovis’ spinal implant technology is being prepared for publication and suggests the deep pores in the titanium scaffold provide considerably better fixation compared to allograft or PEEK implants. Adding customized nanotube surface technology to the implants has significant potential to further improve results.”

“Support from the NIH is highly selective and underscores the potential of Nanovis’ technology,” said Matt Hedrick, Chief Executive Officer, Nanovis. “Our research and development team includes some of the first scientists to discover
implant nanotechnology alongside innovative and highly accomplished spine surgeons working to develop and deliver commercially viable implants that evolve patient care.


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